Meet my Parents or STRICT parents (more appropriately)

I am a Delhiite by birth but there is nothing Delhiite about me.

During my springtime years, going to a party was a big deal for people like me. When I asked Ma for consent, she would direct me to Baba for approval and I would shuffle between them like a shuttlecock. And all of this for what? Just to earn a YES. In simpler terms, they mean “No” but one can only say no so many times, right?

Ma Baba

Wait a minute! That was not every time. I did have my fortunate days and I got my permissions but the story didn’t end there. I had to tell the names of everyone I was going to hang out with, their parent’s phone number and home addresses, ratio of boys and girls and all this just to be sure I was not blending with the wrong crowd.

Honestly, the feeling sucked back then. Even in my 20’s, the saga continued! I didn’t get to do anything on my own. If I wanted to shop, Ma accompanied me every time to make sure the outfits were neither short nor body-hugging.

Pause! Don’t get me wrong, they are not toxic people. They love me just a little too much. They don’t wish me harm but my protection was of paramount importance to them.

As a kid, it felt trapped as I wanted to explore, make mistakes. As an adult, I realised the feeling was actually amazing – being pampered and protected. Today, I’ve outgrown my childhood unapologetically but Ma hasn’t outgrown that wave. Our discussions, now often end with disagreements since the DNA for strong-will runs through our blood.

Nevertheless, Ma turns every moment spent with her backwards like it’s a Nolan movie and I feel sheltered again!

Thanks for joining me. Hope you had a good read!
If you resonated or have anything to share, please use the white space below, I am all ears!

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this blog are the personal views of the author. They do not necessarily mirror the views or opinions of any individual.


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