Lockdown Activity #10 I am a freebird

DANCE! Is dancing beneficial? Yes, a lot! Irrespective of age or gender, dance is a free physical movement, benefiting both the body and mind, that has been seen aiding their social skills enhancing their ability to communicate. While dancing, children think of creative postures and movements which increases their fitness levels. Studies have found out... Continue Reading →

Lockdown Activity #2 Hen in my Hand

This is by far my most favorite as it requires the least parental effort. This sensory activity is sure to set your little one's curiosity tickling. Pour yellow paint on a plate and ask the child to dip their hand palm in it. Alternatively, a brush can also be used to colour the palm.Imprint the... Continue Reading →

Lockdown Activity #5 Flutter Flutter Butterfly

Children are the most fascinated by butterflies. And why not? Beautiful colourful butterflies are everywhere. They bring positivism. Let your child explore these beautiful God's creation by painting their wings. Make a butterfly on a sheet of paper. Cut out along the border. We have used ear buds to paint the wings. Alternatively, finger painting... Continue Reading →

Lockdown Activity #15 My Fancy Tree

Collage making is by far the most engaging and best art experience for young chidren. Why? It  is a simple craft activity that involves picking, analysing and pasting, all of which develop and strengthen small hand musles - vital fine motor skills. Spring is the best time to collect leaves as there’s an extra abundance... Continue Reading →

Lockdown Activity #13 Cottony Cloud

Do you remember spending cloudy days by looking up at the clouds marveling the different shapes? Try this quick and easy activity for fun weather science this spring! While doing this activity, explain to them what are clouds? How do they form? Introduce to them the different weather conditions we have. Collect cotton / cotton... Continue Reading →

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