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Ahoy-hoy! What’s cooking in my kitchen today? Devour-able Apple Sauce What do you do when you have a bounty of apples in your fruit basket that are beginning to soften? Apples are the most readily available fruit in the market. This honest-to-goodness fruit will keep for weeks if stored properly. India is popular for cultivating... Continue Reading →

Caramel Egg Pudding- Try the Rice Cooker way!

I am a lover of simple and easy cooking and I am finding Caramel Egg Pudding my elysium at the moment. So much that I celebrated my child’s birthday with it. It’s such an easy make, just 4 ingredients and one great taste!Being a foodie has taught me there are too many textures and flavours... Continue Reading →

Gobhi Makhmali (Cauliflower in cashew sauce)

Gobhi (Cauliflower) was a staple dish at my home. Whether incorporated in fish curry or in a simple vegan dish, this annual vegetable was there on our platter everyday. My favourite recipe was simple fried cauliflower potato (aloo gobhi) cooked with black cumin and green chilli, garnished with coriander leaves. However, my mother's love for... Continue Reading →

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