How do you see it?

A matchbox sized house = less space to cleanBig rooms to clean = a big houseDirty clothes piling up = quality time with my babyAn exuberant child = growing healthy A messy house = a roofBaby clinging to me = I am there for herToys here and there = learning the art of independence How... Continue Reading →

Newborn Inaaya Babyshoot

Baby photo shoot is quite 'in' these days....and why not? Birthing is a powerful moment. Freezing those first impressions are worth it. As a first time parent, we wanted to capture everything of our baby, knowing soon she will outgrow our lap, slip through our fingers and soon there will be a last time of... Continue Reading →

Guilt Parenting!

When it comes to our hobbies or professions, we accept easily that we have more to learn, why not in parenting then? I always felt smug that I was (and is still) a better parent. This constant notion of enveloping myself with the best parenting practices to give Inaaya, my daughter, the best has made... Continue Reading →

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