Home style APPLE SAUCE

Ahoy-hoy! What’s cooking in my kitchen today? Devour-able Apple Sauce What do you do when you have a bounty of apples in your fruit basket that are beginning to soften? Apples are the most readily available fruit in the market. This honest-to-goodness fruit will keep for weeks if stored properly. India is popular for cultivating... Continue Reading →

One scoreyear and 17 !

Meet the quintessential element of my crazy, loud thumbnail sized family - my husband! Alimpan Today, he burns 37 candles and so this post is dedicated to him. Alimpan, my oxytocin, loves celebrations being centered around himself and having all eyes on him. Quite the opposite, I hate the idea of turning another year older.... Continue Reading →

Newborn Inaaya Babyshoot

Baby photo shoot is quite 'in' these days....and why not? Birthing is a powerful moment. Freezing those first impressions are worth it. As a first time parent, we wanted to capture everything of our baby, knowing soon she will outgrow our lap, slip through our fingers and soon there will be a last time of... Continue Reading →

Guilt Parenting!

When it comes to our hobbies or professions, we accept easily that we have more to learn, why not in parenting then? I always felt smug that I was (and is still) a better parent. This constant notion of enveloping myself with the best parenting practices to give Inaaya, my daughter, the best has made... Continue Reading →

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