The derailed Value!

What is that something you value more now than before? I think inarguably we all agree what a weird year it has been and still is. While India is watching the rundown of its healthcare system, we anxiously are watching an uncertain tomorrow. Which brings me to think about my blessings in life and what... Continue Reading →

Poila Boishak 2021

Growing up, I remember Poila Boishak or Bengali New year used to be a grandeur celebration at my Thakurda and Dadu’s Bari! Hailing from a typical Bangaal family, this day was all about family time, gourmet dishes and Rabindra sangeet. Ma made sure she cooked the traditional delicacies. While the whole house was riding their... Continue Reading →

How do you see it?

A matchbox sized house = less space to cleanBig rooms to clean = a big houseDirty clothes piling up = quality time with my babyAn exuberant child = growing healthy A messy house = a roofBaby clinging to me = I am there for herToys here and there = learning the art of independence How... Continue Reading →

The Appetite

The contagion is making people live with frantic pace these days and just when I assumed the outbreak was winding down, it has struck back with a renewed vengeance repeating the year of 2020 only to be more infectious. One thing but lockdown has provided me is the time to find my love. Love for... Continue Reading →

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