I took the COVID Vaccine. This is what happened

In this together to win over COVID-19 I have been looking for 18+ adults who took the vax and I realised not many people have shared their own vaccine experience which is why I decided to share mine. Hopefully, with this real insight you will feel prepared when it’s your day of vaccine. Albeit countless... Continue Reading →

The derailed Value!

What is that something you value more now than before? I think inarguably we all agree what a weird year it has been and still is. While India is watching the rundown of its healthcare system, we anxiously are watching an uncertain tomorrow. Which brings me to think about my blessings in life and what... Continue Reading →

Poila Boishak 2021

Growing up, I remember Poila Boishak or Bengali New year used to be a grandeur celebration at my Thakurda and Dadu’s Bari! Hailing from a typical Bangaal family, this day was all about family time, gourmet dishes and Rabindra sangeet. Ma made sure she cooked the traditional delicacies. While the whole house was riding their... Continue Reading →

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