COVID-19 has made us sit indoors, look at sunsets and raw-gray skies, marvel sun-kissed mornings and rainstorms, capture their beauty and not destroy the environment. The reaching peaks of pollution level has gone down and we are breathing the best quality of air. It’s not only for today that we must mull over the importance of nature and trivialise it on other days, it should be part of our daily routines.
I believe nature is sending us a message. Our Earth is back with a vengeance after our perpetual karma of sabotaging it. For eons, we have skirted its land and water with plastic and now we are compelled to cover ourselves in plastic (PPE kit) to save our breaths.
2021 is emanating to be a harbinger of impregnable hardships but we must not falter. We can restore our nature back.
In view of this, WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY is celebrated (since 1974) globally on June 5 for inspiring positive change and to push efforts on pressing environmental issues:
☘️Marine pollution ☘️Human overpopulation
☘️Global warming ☘️Wildlife Crime
With being a thematic celebration, 2021’s theme is E.C.O.S.Y.S.T.E.M R.E.S.T.O.R.A.T.I.O.N – support life in Earth.
Let’s push ourselves and think about
🌎Educators to inspire youth to become fierce gatekeepers of green Earth
🌱Eating seasonably, locally and more plants.
🌎Refusing single use plastic
🌱Businesses to develop greener models
🌎Farmers to produce more sustainably
🌱Government to safeguard wildlife
🌎Going digital
It’s not about to see the downside of the year but to minimise the damage, take actionable steps with our kids and spread awareness and most importantly, staying POSITIVE!

🌳We are all in this together🌳


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