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Wednesday | May 19th 2021 |7.30 pm

It was raining! I perched on my blue loveseat in the challenge of beginning a new book and closing its climax at one go. The smoke of my kadak chai in front of me, time in my hand and the smell of joy in my heart is exactly how I want to devour a book.

THE TEXT by Claire Douglas – an e-short read was in my hand. The plot is a clever thriller on steroid. It held me firmly in it’s grip until the very end. The story revolves around a (typo-error) text sent to wrong destination by the protagonist. This is one of those Kindle books that ends at the 73% mark, then has an introduction to another longer story after.

Currently, the other book I am also reading is The Sapiens. It is a nice book but came a time I got bored of it and hence took a break. Thankfully, I didn’t feel bored with the alternative book I chose for my break. Finished The Text while the last sip of my tea was still warm.

I am happy that Goodreads recommendations are undiluted. Gladly, I propose you to read this book.


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