Why I BLOG??

Dear reader,

I am grateful to have you reading my thoughts here. Part of my country is under a weeklong lockdown which is becoming a metaphor for my incapacitated linguistic mind. And because I am running out of ideas, I decided to document “why I write”?

So, why do I write? Seriously, why did I start in the first place and continue to love it? We all have our reasons to do what we do, no? Anything that makes us insanely happy and have a hiatus from the mundane days.

I always knew emotional well-being, personal growth and development was my biggest passion and so with it developed the love for writing. I enjoy sharing ideas important to me regardless of whether anyone reads them. Finding a platform to open up emotions in a healthy way is therapeutic to me.

Blog is a living archive of personal virtual journal and it’s raining blogs now. With the rise of social media and influencer culture, blogging is in its heyday and no longer restricted to niche hobbies.

When did I start blogging and Why?

It all began in October 2018 when I had boundless unpopular first hand opinions on motherhood and I wanted a space to share it. Owing to my love for reading, it felt like a natural thing to start one. Wee did I know 3 (almost) years later, blogging will become a means for catharsis and I’ll find myself intrigued doing it and loving it.

What motivates me to continue?

Honestly, my motivation has ebbed and flowed over the years. It has never been about view-stats nor number of followers. I WRITE TO BE FREE. Blogging for me is simply a platform to shout from and break out of my shell and in doing so I realised there are people out there just like me.

Quite self-explanatory is that the more I blog, it gives me a good idea of what interests audience and what engages their response. Interestingly enough, blogging besides unleashing my creative side has helped me learn new skills :

  • Website hosting
  • Social media networking both globally and locally
  • Theme designing for wordpress
  • Creative web graphics
  • Engaging difference audiences
  • Content management

It is a humbling experience when people pay attention to my writing,. During conversation with others, I have even asked them to visit my blog to validate the doubts about the ongoing topic.

Have I ever thought of not blogging anymore?

Honestly, there have been times where I struggled to come up with ideas but walking away was never a thought. Blogging burnout is as real as you and me for it demands free labour and first drafts before the final one is published.

After writing 100+ posts, I still doubt myself as a blogger but with continued perseverance I am on my way to become a better blogger in future.

I do have big plans for other aspects of my life but my MyViewFromHome website is the one thing that keeps me cheerful and I will continue to write.

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