The derailed Value!

What is that something you value more now than before?

I think inarguably we all agree what a weird year it has been and still is. While India is watching the rundown of its healthcare system, we anxiously are watching an uncertain tomorrow.

Which brings me to think about my blessings in life and what I value, Value more now than before?

You see time go by when you have kids. You blink and they are 5, then 25! It’s like yesterday saw Monday and today is Saturday and when you finally realise, a month is gone but there are lot of new things and changes in just that one month. So, just hang in there, stop and soak it all in.

Inaaya is turning 3 this month and just like that one day she will stop climbing into bed with me and ask for a bedtime story. I realise there is literary no time to waste.

It’s scary how the first years of motherhood is overwhelming. Now, as I am writing this, I see my little one messing up the rooms which vexes me. And still I can’t deny the time we spend together is priceless.

Tomorrow, she will be a day older and never be as little as she is now. On most days and nights, I find myself holding her more now because I know maybe in raising her up, I lose my mind often but god, I do find my soul.

Coming back to the question, I value TIME more now than before. All kinds of time. The time with her, travel time, idle time, me-time, shower time, bedtime (with her of course) and so forth. I simply value it all, way more! And that’s why I like to orchestrate my time.

Let’s chat what is that something you value the most now?

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