One scoreyear and 17 !

Meet the quintessential element of my crazy, loud thumbnail sized family – my husband!


Today, he burns 37 candles and so this post is dedicated to him.

Alimpan, my oxytocin, loves celebrations being centered around himself and having all eyes on him. Quite the opposite, I hate the idea of turning another year older.

That being said, this year is an odd one, I know and not the usual way we like to have this milestone. Hopefully, the end of the pandemic will happen soon so we can let ourselves be a total hodophile again.

Tbt Europe

Alimpan, you are the beauty and the brawn in this alliance and I can’t even say I am the brain because you are sharper than me. You are a person who wouldn’t put yourself ever in a position to lose someone you love.

You believed we could do it together and look how far we have walked through the ebb and flow, smiling and stronger! You and me together is the surest I’ve ever been.

Inaaya and Alimpan

King of Inaaya’s world. Seeing you take the fatherhood powerfully is astounding me months after months. Thank you for making my darkest and inadequate days brighter. Hope you have the best days coming up.

And this is how the birthday celebrations were launched at De’s residence…

Hope you have a wonderful time ahead with our insanely amazing little family, love!

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