11 Things I wish I knew sooner than 30

These days I feel invisible! Invisible to myself. Really, how the entire week passes and I stand there succumbed to my own emotional exhaustion. Have you seen me lately?

It’s a funny thing about myself how with my 3 year-old Inaaya I am like a mommy lioness speaking up for her in the open yet I hardly ever advocate for myself.

Motherhood occurred to me planned and without a journal. The walls of my home are watching that phase where I am an extension of her and still so she calls herself a Big girl. Every morning brings with itself new experiences and I am rediscovering myself with gusto.

There are many things though I wish I knew sooner in life but sometimes you never know the value unless..

1. Embrace the power of NO. Saying no doesn’t make me bad or self absorbed. It’s important to learn how to say ‘no’. Being a people’s pleaser is annoying. And above all, it’s a ticket to be abused easily when we are too kind.

2. Unpack Emotional Baggage and let it go. Anger, distrust and bitterness tend to hang around. But pal, it’s just one life, this one and little evil in the world but no dearth of ego. Ruining a relationship for holding grudges is useless.

3. Unsolicited advice is unbound and abundant in this world. People will always have an opinion. Just IGNORE them.

4. There is a difference between genuine friendships and favourable friendships. We might be left with 1 or 2 of the former but it’s very well worth it.

5. Comparison breeds feelings of envy and deflates selfrespect.

6. People will have affection with me in proportion to how I conduct with myself in public.

7. Society isn’t bothered about me nearly as much as I think they are for they are too busy worrying about themselves.

8. Metabolism slows down with age. Aaaah! How I wish I knew this and so I could eat more cleaner.

9. Expectations lower happiness. We enable ourselves to be disappointed when we expect a lot.

10. Ageing doesn’t make us any wiser. We are still trying to figure out things. Still so, growing older means learning how to hold tongue more often.

11. Self-love is the best love. This makes us more confident with a strong sense of self. In reverse, the more we love others, the more we open ourselves to the possibilities of loss and heartbreak.

Sometimes it’s hard to make a decision between where you want to be and where you should be

Do you have anything you wish you knew it sooner? Don’t hesitate to use the white box below to add in more to the list.

If you are anything like me, would love to hear from you!

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