A Twisted Journey

Motherhood enveloped me at the age of 32 which were my days of heyday at work.

There is a common misconception in our mindset that a career choice is permanent!Right after high school, we invest our time, effort and money in bringing ourselves up for the career path. At any time, we fear the idea of giving it up and starting all over again for a new career path which obviously comes with an uncertainty of stability and guaranteed decent way of lifestyle.

To begin my career path, I qualified as a post graduate in biotechnology, quit working with Department of research of a well known institution in Delhi. When nothing felt enough, I realised my love for teaching and moved my profession to education. After years of experience as a professional teacher , I had to stall my journey here when my child was born.

To be a Stay- at home parent is a privilege!
Counting million moments together

Sadly, we see stay-at home parenting as a full time job, wastage of professional certificates, drifting away from the motivation we initially had, wearing and tearing of grey cells. But ask a mother who had an option but chose to stall her career to see her baby grow and cross every milestone. It is a privilege, indeed!

Motherhood has made me reassess my potentialities and reconsider what is important to me! It has helped me find my renewed sense of purpose that pushes me in the right direction growing my creative skills. And it is no longer about the fancy cars or expensive holidays but about feeling happy and content, maintaining positive relationships, raise my child well, feeling healthy everyday and rediscovering my passions.

I started painting and self taught myself new techniques, read lots and lots of books, learnt crochet work, joined dance classes and BLOGGING. Back in school days, I loved writing plays. The passion however got sidelined when mammoth medical books overtook my time.

As compared to simple pen and paper those days a lot has changed now. It is the era of Blogospheres. I remember when I wanted to start writing a year back, I didn’t know what blog, SEO, AdSense or WordPress meant! I didn’t know starting a blog was one thing but to be consistent in writing was tough. To begin with I had no idea what to write how to blog. I read lots and lots of content online and hauled myself to start blogging. Today, my website has 10,000 + visitors.

But I am still learning!

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