Inaaya slipping through my fingers in snippets #27 Growing Readers

Did you know that over 50% of children between the ages 3-8 say their favourite thing to do with parents is read?

As a busy mom with a wacky schedule I run out of time to do a lot of things I plan for. My ardent daughter Inaaya has turned 2 and has a will of steel already. Wants to do everything by herself, decide for herself with her own state of thoughts! It’s been just 2 years of her on this planet and this little girl is already vying with time to grow up. Oh god, please be little slow already!

Everyday hitherto, I was planning her day but now she tells me how she plans to utilise her time. Out of all, reading is something her all time favourite. Thank god! Reading time is very crucial to me. It opens up a horizon of imagination in kids!

Besides language and vocabulary development, storytelling helps children understand their feelings as they sympathise with the characters in the book.

If your child is young, it’s better to read them books with short and concise stories.

Children are like sponge. They become what they see.

It’s very important to set a daily routine for reading. Bedtime is the best part for us to devour in a book. After a loaded day, it is the perfect time for my little ball of energy to relax and unwind.

Few points just before you start….

  • 📚Make this reading time your quiet time together. Avoid competing with any distracting noise.
  • 📚Let them choose the book. This makes them more interested in the reading time.
  • 📚Before starting, talk about the name of the book, illustrations on the cover.
  • 📚Read the book together with your child.
  • 📚Ask your child to hold the book, turn the pages without tearing or crushing them.
  • 📚Point out the words and sentences while reading. When reading again, let your child point at the words.
  • 📚While reading keep modulating your tone. Kids love hearing different voices, funny noises, animal voices and expressions for the characters in the story. This lets them have more access to the meaning.
  • 📚While reading it’s very important to emphasise on pronouncing the words correctly.
  • 📚Make it an interactive reading. Encourage your child to come up with the moral of the story. Ask questions from the storyline. Help them relate the incidents with their own experiences.
  • 📚When the story is finished, give time to your child to recall and process it. Encourage your child to express what they liked about the story .
  • 📚Embrace the interruptions. Your child will keep interrupting you in between and that’s normal. LET THEM talk, ask or make comments. Even if it is not related to the book, let your child know this is a safe time and place for any and all discussions.
  • 📚Ensure to make this storytelling time a daily routine, at the same time.

Despite the enormous amount of words your child will have been exposed to, think of the quality time spent with them during each of those words.

I want a zillion moments. Don’t you?

Us and the tiger have spent so much time together and I am just grateful for every second of it!
Children are made readers in the lap of their parents

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