Inaaya slipping through my fingers in snippets #26 THE PRESCHOOL DILEMMA

Formative years of a child are of great significance due to the brain’s ability to make developments. In addition to this, the capacity to develop vocabulary (lifelong communication skill) is also massively developed by the age of 5. This means it is even more important for parents to make sure their children are on a good developmental footing.

However there are some myths around preschool which can let you consider it to be mere frivolous.

  • Preschool is all about playing games.
  • I can do and teach my child at home all that they do in school.
  • Preschool is a ticket to boastfully display children from affluent families.

Facts – Playing games with other little humans helps children learn teamwork, builds their inquisitiveness and develops the attribute of sharing in them.

Undoubtedly, children can learn a lot from their families at home. Being a teacher myself, out of my years of experience I have seen children who got maximum quality time at home came out to be more confident, compassionate and emotionally stronger.

But the highly trained educational professional (or teachers in simple terms) cannot be discredited either. Through their expert knowledge and years of experience, they know how to constructively engage toddler’s mind in learning experience also reinforcing the skills they learnt at home. In addition to this, at home a child misses out the opportunity to learn with peers, a very important social aspect.

Everyone makes choices according to what works best for them and your choice is perfect for you. I particularly cannot decide for a perfect school for you but these are the important points I paid attention to while deciding a school for my daughter. Hope these will help you pick your best kind!

Okay, what I paid attention to when searching for a preschool for my 21 month old toddler.

  1. Referrals – Every school will show their best face. What happens inside the walls and round the clock can be known from parents whose children are engaged to that school. So, ask around!
  2. Meals – This was very important to me. Do they offer meals? If they do, what do they offer? Is it healthy? Their menu routine? Who feeds the absolute young ones?
  3. Activity Updates – If there is an app where I can monitor my child or any social media service where they will upload photos or videos of what my child is doing.
  4. Location – The closer the school, it becomes convenient for us to reach during those rare emergency situations.
  5. Time-table – What activities do they offer for developing different skills and personality of the child.
  6. Outdoor Play area
  7. Student per teacher ratio
  8. Staff language
  9. Teachers and staff – Another very important aspect for me.
    • How do they handle discipline?
    • Educational background and experience of teachers and staff.
    • What kind of educational philosophy does the school believe in?
  10. Potty Training – If they offer, then how do they plan to go about it?

I am hoping these points are helpful to you as much.
Is there any other consideration that can be added?
Let me know which one was/is the most important to you?

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