Inaaya slipping through my fingers in snippets #25 – 18 Fun and Engaging Activities to occupy your child’s time positively at home!

Its 9 am now and I am sitting in my balcony, watching a neighbor walk swiftly, pass my tower in pyjamas to the greengrocer. Back to her apartment straight after that.

Schools have been forcibly shut down across the country and children are home as the COVID-19 pandemic has brought entire nations to a halt. With a nation-wide lock down, our worlds and schedules have been thrown upside down or at least sideways. Parents have been asked to take up the new role-teacher.

Homeschooling is definitely going to be a challenge but it need not be burdensome. Let’s take this time, with our children being home, as a real gift and reinforce their creativity, thinking skill, sensory and hand eye coordination.

Here are some fun, colorful, and creative ideas to keep your child occupied positively in a more channelized learning during this break. The activities are principally aimed at pre-primary aged children (1-3 years old). It’s all based on tried and tested things. There will be no special materials needed. All the materials are available in your home. Click on the link for simple instructions.

  1. My Caterpillar
  2. Hen in my hand
  3. Fluff my A
  4. Sorting colors with pebbles/toys
  5. Flutter flutter Butterfly
  6. Vegetable Painting
  7. A very hungry caterpillar
  8. Green Day
  9. Fun with Shapes
  10. I am a Freebird
  11. Painting with Toy wheels
  12. Creepy Friends in my Jar
  13. Cottony Cloud
  14. Painting with Ear-bud
  15. My Fancy Tree
  16. Matching Clips / Socks
  17. Hunt for Red
  18. Collage with Circles

This is not all. We have summed up activities for children 3-5 year old as well. A mommy blogger, who also works as RA at a prestigious institution has collaborated with us and given us some good ideas to keep children engaged. She runs . Click to know more.

The comment section is open for further discussion.

Happy Reading!

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  1. Lovely read dearly…I got to know so many more books for my little one. She is 3 now. Thanks for such consolidation. Love for Inaaya

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