Inaaya slipping through my fingers in snippets #22 NaturalChanges

Do you feel pressured to change that One way of motherhood by society or your lifestyle, but that feels good and works for you?

Babies undergo natural developments, nonstop! There’s no questioning that, right? Some sleep through the night sooner, some wean off faster, some take time walking, some have their tooth sooner, some nap throughout, some are frequent eater. BUT, what they all do is grow! And eventually, they all quit breastfeeding, sooner or later.

That’s why I let Inaaya take the lead for SPECIFIC things. Like at 11 months, observing her instincts and patterns, she indicated she was ready for complete solid meals and I followed her. Or, like breastfeeding at 16 months still when I initially planned it for 12 months only. And I meet a lot of eyes either questioning me or telling me that it is the right time for natural changes.

So, instead of answering when I would wean her, I always say that it works for our lifestyle so smoothly, why force something to end that will come to an end, naturally. Besides, the extra closeness, cuddles and nourishment are beyond and irreplaceable. Why to set a date expectation to something that naturally comes?

Well of course there are mothers who choose to wean off earlier for a number of reasons and that is completely understandable and respected. Your lifestyle affects your decisions too but if it is possible to make it work, why stop?

Each child is different and perfect in their own way. I know my story will be different with my other progeny so I am nurturing my daughter to the best of my ability and knowledge, with no expectations or comparisons, taking it one step at a time and following her lead on natural patterns.

How about you? Did you feel pressurized to stop or had another way?

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