Inaaya slipping through my fingers in snippets #21 TheSnackDilemma

Being a mindful parent, you know that deciding what to feed your baby requires a lot of thought. Inaaya is 16 months now and shows tantrums, left and right, while eating the meals she once loved.

It breaks my head to come up with new healthy recipes every now and then and to see some of them being refused too. So, very recently she was introduced to Almond Butter for in-between meal snacks and it was an instant hit! Phewww…. Inaaya has been fueled with Dry Fruit Trail mix since an early age so her body is well accustomed with all kinds of nuts.

Almond butter is a wonderful power food filled with protein, fiber, folate, Vit. E, magnesium, omega-6 and healthy fats, boosts immunity, catalyst for neurological and concentration, brain development and memory.

One may find enormous amounts of brands selling almond butter in the market these days. Make sure to pick up a good quality one with no oil nor preservatives and the only sweeter used to sweeten is a natural jaggery.

Mom Tip : Be aware of your baby's sensitivity to nuts. If you or your spouse don't have a history of almond allergies, it should be safe for consumption. Keep a check on bowel movements.

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