Inaaya slipping through my fingers in snippets #16 ToddlerTraveller Pro

Being a mom makes me realise every day is different and brings in new sets of challenges. Today Inaaya is exorbitantly cheerful, might not be tomorrow. The transition from baby to toddler is even more difficult. And no one prepares you for that!

Last week we traveled to a beach, about 5 hour flight from my hometown. Inaaya’s first long air travel and we did fairly well 80% of the time. With a baby, only a practise can make things easier and not because it’s easier, because it’s way harder to travel with a toddler than a baby.

So, a lot of questions and concerns poured into my inbox from many of you about the traveling part. And my response always is : JUST DO IT!

  1. PLAN RIGHT! If short flight, schedule it during nap time. If your flight is long, schedule it at night right after bedtime. It’s way better holding a sleeping baby than an anxious one wanting to explore.
  2. Let them walk or run in the airport, the whole time. Let them get tired.
  3. Try booking a seat with lots of leg space. If you are travelling long (and also because some flights do not have baby bassinets) having an extra seat is quite helpful. Life hack : book the aisle and window seat leaving an empty one in between.
  4. Avoid seats near washrooms. People line up, less privacy may disturb the baby. Besides, avoid tail of the plane too – busier, noisier and shakes way more.
  5. PACK THE RIGHT FOOD! Instant mixes, cerelac, homemade cerelacs, breads, pancakes, biscuits are couple of better options.
  6. Dress your toddler comfortably and not too much covered.
  7. Change the diaper before boarding. I carried a diaper backpack so my hands were free to hold the baby.
  8. Feed during take off and landing to ease the ear pressure.
  9. Carry a light blanket to cover the baby and for breastfeeding privacy.
  10. If your baby doesn’t want to feed, don’t push them. Travelling tummy light is way better than having a baby suffer from air sickness.

Don’t worry! Just plan things right and you are sure to have a good travel.

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