Inaaya slipping through my fingers in snippets #5 babyToys

Inaaya loves to play with anything that is easy to play with and makes a lot of noise. She is more playful now, tries to feel and grab objects, shakes rattles, bangs things against each other and wants to taste everything.

I give her musical toys which play out rhymes/ songs or emulate animal voices as it helps in developing the sensory and language skills, improves concentration, helps in recognising and differentiating. Besides, it is engaging, attracts her and develops her interest in music.

A good amalgamation of infant toys is essential. So, when shopping for them I keep in mind Inaaya’s age. Here are some more tips for safe play I follow:-

  • I do not give heavy toys or toys with sharp edges.
  • I make sure the toys do not disintegrate neither has small pieces to rule out choking.
  • I never leave Inaaya unattended. If not playing with her, I sit next to her and read/blog, being vigilant of course.

Will come up soon with essential toys for infants to develop their cognitive skill. Until then, stay tuned!

Any queries, please comment!

Disclaimer : The views and opinions expressed in this blog are the personal views of the author. They do not necessarily mirror the views or opinions of any individual.

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