Inaaya slipping through my fingers in snippets #4 babyWeaning

Inaaya started with semi solids and she is loving it! She was given moong dal (mung lentil) water at 5 months once a day, with breast milk still being the only source of nutrition. The idea was to introduce her to new taste!

When she turned 6 months, I started giving her rice / dal mashed. I followed the 3 day routine for every new food item to check on her acceptance (taste and digestion). Once she started enjoying dal rice (mashed), I introduced carrot, beet root, bottle gourd, tomatoes, raw papaya and potato, all added to her rice and dal. Among fruits, she enjoys papaya, apple, puréed! In all, these are baby friendly food!

It took me great amount of patience and time to make her like the taste of each but in the end, I am a happy mother.. Why? She loves this healthy superfood.

Here’s a bit more on our journey. Tips and what to expect when starting :-

🥣 Some feedings will be better than others. She’ll eat less or more. She’ll take longer or less to finish or she’ll want to be done quick. It’s normal, it varies.

🥣 Some foods she loved right away and some required a few tries, but overall she is always curious.

Life hack : If they don’t like something, it is ok. Keep insisting, they’ll get used to it. And always start with small portions to develop their taste.

🥣I feed her at 9.00am, 12.30pm & 7.30pm.

🥣 I breastfeed her at 7.30am, 11am, 3.30pm, 5.30pm, 11.30pm, 1.00am, 4.30am (breastmilk should still be 60% of her nutrition at this point).

🥣 I make sure to give a gap of atleast 1 hour after milk so that she is hungry enough to eat her solids. I sit in front to get eye to eye contact, sing and talk to bond. No screen is allowed during this time.

🥣 All food should be steamed enough to melt to the touch of your finger.

Thanks for joining me! I’ll be sharing more on the topic soon! I am not an expert but learning from experience.

Any queries, please ask in the comment box!

Disclaimer : The views and opinions expressed in this blog are the personal views of the author. They do not necessarily mirror the views or opinions of any individual.

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