Umbilical Stump – Most Crucial And All You Need To Know!

Let’s talk about naval care. It’s very important to take care of the umbilical stump.

Did you know that it contains two arteries and a vein?

These vessels are very crucial and are responsible for taking oxygen and nourish the fetus during gestation. After birth, it loses it’s function and hence dries off. It usually falls off between 1-3 weeks naturally after birth. It doesn’t hurt and it is completely normal for the baby to bleed a little, dirtying the nappy or diaper.

Don’t worry!

The baby can still enjoy his or her bath fully yet proper care needs to be taken for healing the naval. Daily care, once or two times in a day, includes cleaning the area around naval with 70% rubbing alcohol using a swab to dry it off faster.

Be careful, do not rub hard against the inside of the belly button, your baby is still tiny and soft. You can also clean the area with betadine solution. While some doctors suggest salt treatment, in my case betadine worked for my baby.

Now, there are many old traditions being followed in our society for healing and pushing the naval inside, I didn’t follow any and within days, my baby’s belly button had gone inside and taken it’s shape. This is a natural process and it takes it own course eventually!

Alert: If your baby’s umbilical bleeding doesn’t stop, increasing in quantity, unpleasant smell, puss coming out or if the skin around it turns red or swollen, seek a pediatrician immediately. Remember, trust your instincts if it says something is wrong!

So, what’s your story on the umbilical stump? Did you face any issue? Did you do anything exceptional to heal the wound?

Thanks for joining me. Hope you had a good read!

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