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Well, I’m Attreyee Paul, the teacher, artist, mother, wife, food-enthusiast, blogger, Indian-origin Bengali girl behind “My View From Home”. I come from a family having an amalgamation of scientists, artists and good cooks and this is how love for each of my passion was embedded into my DNA.

I qualified as a postgraduate in Biotechnology to begin my career, quit  working with the Dept. of Research of a well-known institution in Delhi. When nothing felt enough, I realized my love for teaching and moved my profession to ‘education’.

After having worked with ICMR, CDRI, Sir Gangaram hospital (Dept. Of Research) New Delhi and then as a professional science teacher, I am now enjoying the luxury of nurturing my 3 year old Inaaya 24/7. When I find time, my hobbies find me!


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