Staying at home and watch your child grow is a luxury few can afford!


Motherhood is the point at which your life becomes the whole world’s business and this issue of work versus home remains an area of judgement and guilt so will you quit your job to be a stay-at home mum?

As a young girl, I always aspired to follow my mom, who was a great careerist woman. In my twenties, I had never envisioned myself staying at home with my child, I wanted promotions, I worked my way up as a teacher from the primary to the middle school and I felt I was good at my job. At 30+, 6 years after marriage, I was pregnant and had my first child. In the years preceding, my colleagues went onto to have babies and joined back within weeks. So when I got pregnant, I assumed I’d carry on with my career and would come back too. I’d stop breastfeeding, get my baby into a routine, sort out childcare, lose weight and get back into the pre-pregnancy shape.

But I didn’t! Everything took a 360˚ turn and suddenly my vision towards motherhood and my career changed after my daughter, Inaaya, was born. I wanted to breastfeed her for as long as she wanted, I wasn’t ready to leave her with the nanny, I did everything for her and with a song in my heart!

Quitting my job wasn’t an easy decision with a promising career, I was embarrassed to be wasting my degrees and saw staying at home as a sign of weakness and I knew my decision to work or stay home will affect many people, but after months of trying to quash my feelings, I finally realised what will makememost happy, not what I thinkshouldmake me happy and I wanted to be home, to be the one to have the challenges of motherhood, to be the one to have the joy of watching Inaaya cross every milestone!

P.S. It’s not enough to be at home – you have to have a reason for being home and that reason is – your children!

Thanks for joining me. Hope you had a good read!

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Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this blog are the personal views of the author. They do not necessarily mirror the views or opinions of any individual.

Motherhood is truly a remarkable gift and a privilege that I hold very close to my heart. To me, being a mother means to be fearless – Eluka Moore

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