Let there be you, Baba!

Baba, maybe you don’t know yet how fundamental you are, in the first months of my life. So I want to tell you, the size of your importance in our lives: mine and ma’s! You are the emotional balance of our family, the security we need right now, you are the structure in this period of fragility that are the first days of mine.

Ma is with the amalgamation of hormones, worried whether her milk supply will be sufficient for me, sometimes she cries for nothing and for everything at the same time, her emotions are shaken, she feels fear, joy, insecurity, anyway, Ma is tired! She’s been sleeping a little and she just went through a caesarean delivery.

Baba, it was you who took me first in arms when I came into this big world, I will be very happy to have you with me the moment I am being breastfed, pick me up in her lap and help me burp, I will feel comfortable and even more secured in your arms. I will love to find you during my diaper changes, talk to me while you change me.

May be you don’t know but I love the sound of your voice, the same voice that calmed mommy when I was in her belly, sing the same lullabies to me you sang to me then because I want to sleep hearing you nestled in your arms.

Baba, may be you didn’t carry me for 9 months, you did not feel sick, you didn’t go through the pain of childbirth but I know baba you love me, protect me and bless me in the same intensity.

Ma is the artisan of my life but you are my safe haven!

Thanks for joining me. Hope you had a good read!

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